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The maximum RAD payable at Kankinya Aged Care Facility will be $250,000 for a Private Room, Companion Rooms are also available, Twin with ensuite $220,000, Twin without ensuite $200,000 and a Companion Four Bed at $185,000 .

The maximum DAP payable, using the Governments (MPIR) Maximum Permissible Interest Rate of 6.63% and calculates to $45.41 per day.

A RAD is paid in advance as a lump sum amount while a DAP is calculated daily and payable in advance on the first day of each month. It is possible to use a combination of both methods, one example would be…you can choose to pay a RAD of $125,000 (50%) up front as a lump sum and a DAP of $22.70 per day.

Kankinya Aged Care will continue to supply companion rooms for concessional residents at the prescribed rate set by the Government for those with little or no means. Residents deemed to “have means” by Medicare will be required to contribute as above. All Facilities will retain the right to admit residents suitable for their particular clientele base, at Kankinya we do not guarantee ageing in place and a move from one section to another may be required for us to provide a suitable level of care and staffing for your needs. This decision will be made in conjunction with the resident however the Director of Nursing will make the final recommendation to management.

From July 1,2014 the Living Longer Living Better reforms will introduce a choice of payment options for those seeking accommodation in an Aged Care Facility.

All eligible residents will have the choice to pay for accommodation by a Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) or a Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD), or a combination of the two. The decision needs to be a discussed at the pre admission meeting and needs to be paid within 28 days of entering the Facility.

The legislation requires publication of relevant information regarding maximum accommodation prices and services available to residents, this information can be found for all Facilities by visiting the Government site at

Kankinya Lodge will be coming on line early in 2015, this will add a whole new dimension to our existing Facility, the Lodge will initially offer 28 private ensuite rooms, a RAD and DAP price will be advertised later this year and we look forward to this exciting new development in North Canberra