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The elderly have given their best to the society in their youth, and in their final phases of life, they deserve nothing but the best. This has been our mission at Kankinya Aged Care Facility, Canberra; providing a good quality of life to the elderly, within a home like environment. We don’t believe in trapping the elderly in four walls in the name of restraint. Even the patients of Dementia and Alzheimer’s have the right to live freely and with dignity. We have kept this in mind while creating our world class aged care facility in Canberra.

Life at our homecare facility in Canberra is comfortable, liberated and full of fun. We have made all efforts to ensure that the elderly have all the fun while we take care of all their basic and special needs. Kankinya is fully equipped to provide for all the needs of the elderly and the sufferers of Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Just because some people suffer from Dementia does not mean that they have to suffer through the rest of their lives. At our elderly care facility in Canberra, we combine care, comfort and fun.

We have designed our aged care facility in Canberra architecturally keeping in mind the needs of the residents. Our state of the art building is appreciated all over for its unique design. Our building is unique and stands out of all other facilities in the same league because of the fact that we have created it to ensure that the residents can wander freely. We don’t believe in keeping them holed up, away from the general facility. On the contrary, we allow them to roam freely in the beautiful building designed to suit their needs.

The building of our nursing home in Canberra has beautiful gardens, sitting areas and a courtyard that provide a great ambience for the elderly to spend their time peacefully and comfortably. No home can be complete without a good kitchen. Can we have packed food for all three meals at our homes? No, we cannot. Then how can we let our elders have that? We have an onsite kitchen that caters to the varied food requirements of our residents. Our chef dishes out some gluttonous delights which are as healthy as tasteful. After all, we need good food to live a healthy life.

At our aged care facility in Canberra, we consider recreation an important aspect of a healthy and happy life. We organise activities like bingo, crafts, quizzes, outings and exercises so that our residents enjoy their life to the fullest. What they need the most at this stage of life is companionship. We make sure that they don’t feel lonely, our qualified nurses are compassionate and they are at the service of the residents 24*7. We also make sure that they are in the company of their friends always that is why we keep them in double occupancy rooms at our elderly care facility in Canberra. Our physiotherapy, music therapy and art therapy sessions are well received by all the residents.

At our homecare facility in Canberra, we take utmost care of the special needs of our residents to ensure that they lead a healthy life. Providing access to good medical services is the least that we can do in this regard. We also have several special health providers like the dentist, dietician, podiatrist and speech pathologist who visit our facility regularly.

Hygienic living conditions are of prime importance for a healthy and comfortable existence. 100 percent hygiene and cleanliness is maintained at our aged care facility in Canberra at all times and to make sure that the residents wear neat and clean clothes, we have an onsite laundry. To ensure that the residents look good always, we have an onsite hair salon.

What is the one most important thing that we look for in a home apart from comfort? The answer is Safety. Our residents lead a safe and secure life because we are the safest aged care facility in ACT in terms of fire safety and other safety compliances.

At Kankinya, the residents live a comfortable, healthy and fun filled life in the company of their age mates and under the care and guardianship of our well qualified staff.